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Kansas Concealed Carry Class

(For multiple students, simply add additional quantities to this registration in your shopping cart.  The class IS limited to 15 students, so don't wait!)

Location: Just North of Andover, KS - This is a private range, and the address will be sent to students via the email you provide. You will also receive "what to expect" info, and the answers to the most common questions.

Date and Time: August 20, 2022, from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM CST (NOTE: Attendance for the full class time is required by law to receive certification.)

Cost: $75 Per Person (You may reserve seats for multiple students by changing the quantity in your shopping cart).  
EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL!  $10 off the $75 regular price until July 31 Use Code EARLYBIRD when you sign up here.

Class Notes:
- Students must be 18 years of age or over. This class is the ONLY way to fulfill the classroom requirement to get a Concealed Carry License.
- The price includes range fees and targets.
- Bring your own firearm, and at least 50 rounds of new manufactured or factory reloaded ammunition. Sorry, home reloads may not be used.  Any handgun in good and safe condition can be used, we recommend you use the gun you are most comfortable with, or a .22 caliber. 
- There are legal requirements which can exclude a student from receiving a CCH license, even if the class is successfully completed (felony conviction, drug usage, etc.). Check the Kansas Attorney General’s web site for details if you are concerned. Convicted felons may NOT take the class without a letter from an attorney, ask for details.
- THIS IS NOT A BASIC PISTOL CLASS. Students are expected to have learned very basic handgun usage, and safe handling.

Most common Question: Why do I need a Concealed Carry License now that Constitutional Carry is Legal?
Answer: Several reasons. First, CCH lets you carry in other states. Second, without it, you could easily be breaking federal laws while driving through town. Third, the majority of the class is focused on understanding the law. Without this training, it can be much harder to make an informed decision at a crucial time. There are other reasons, but these alone should make this training an obvious choice.

Before you pay for this class, there are a few things we want you to know:
Kansas is a "shall-issue" state, which means that if a resident applicant performs the correct steps, and is not disqualified by certain circumstances, a license will be issued. HOWEVER: Your instructors are NOT attorneys, and cannot offer legal advice, nor promise that the license will be forthcoming. The Kansas Attorney General's office is the entity charged with determining if disqualification is in order. These could include felonies, drug use, certain previous criminal history records, and other things.  Information on the process and disqualifying factors are available on the KS Attorney General's web site ( It is YOUR responsibility to know these. If you are uncertain regarding any factor, you are encouraged to consult a private attorney BEFORE registering for a class. Refunds will not be given once the class begins, and your instructors will not be responsible for your outcome.

There are liabilities we could take on regarding felonies. So, if you have any felony conviction, even if it has been expunged or pardoned, if we know about it, we will not allow you in the class without a copy of a letter of opinion from an attorney (on  legal firm letterhead) regarding your eligibility. If we find out during the class about a felony conviction without such letter, you will be asked to leave, without refund.  We're not judging anybody, just not taking on that liability. 

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