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This class is for new and experienced shooters.

For those afraid of firearms: No pressure, we have helped a lot of folks like you.  You may not come out a "gun person", but you will not be afraid anymore. 

About this Event

EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL!  $10 off the $75 regular price until July 31 Use Code EARLYBIRD when you sign up here.

Cancellations: You can cancel up to 72 hours before the class for just a $5 cancellation fee.

Students will learn about

  • Handling a firearm safely, (Along with loading, unloading, and securing)
  • Types of handguns, and selecting the RIGHT firearm for YOU
  • Care, cleaning, and storage of your firearm
  • Ammunition: How it works and which to select
  • How to shoot with comfort, and enjoy the experience
  • Shooting skill development techniques

Live Fire

You will NOT be forced to shoot if you are not comfortable doing so.  We cannot offer a certification to those who don't, but if your goal in attending is simply to overcome your fears, this is at your discretion

  • We will shoot at our private range in the afternoon.  Bring your favorite handgun and AT LEAST 25 rounds of ammunition (we recommend bringing 50-100 rounds) for the shooting portion of the class.  If you do not have a gun available, we can provide you with a .22 handgun and ammunition for an additional charge. 
  • Only commercially manufactured or remanufactured ammunition may be used.  NO NON-COMMERCIAL RELOADS MAY BE USED!
  • If possible, use a gun and ammunition you are familiar with.  If you are unfamiliar with the gun you will be using, we recommend that you take it to a range and practice before this class. 
  • We do NOT recommend that brand new shooters use anything larger than a .22 for the range. 
  • We will explain range rules and go over range safety before going to the range.

Things to Know

  • The class and range time will be at a comfortable private residence just north of Andover, KS.  The address and directions, as well as our contact information will be provided via email only after registration. 
  • Bring a pen or pencil, as well as a highlighter. All other classroom materials, as well as targets, will be furnished.
  • You may bring handguns in the classroom, but NO AMMO WILL BE ALLOWED.  This is in accordance with law and best safety practice.  Please leave your ammunition in your vehicle. 
  • If you are bringing firearms into the classroom, please arrive early, as the instructor will need to inspect them before class.  Please ask the instructor if they are ready to inspect your firearm.  Firearms should be presented with the action open, pointed in a safe direction from the moment they leave the case.  If you don’t know how to do this, just bring the cased gun to the instructor.  
  • Any damage or modifications to a firearm which in the opinion of the instructor may affect the safety or reliability of the gun, may cause the gun to be disallowed from use in the class. 
  • A one-hour lunch break will be given around noon.  Lunch will not be provided.  Please plan accordingly.

Felonies, or other prohibiting factors

If you have been convicted of a felony (or otherwise prohibited by law from possessing firearms), and we about know it, you will not be accepted into the class without a letter from an attorney on firm letterhead, expressing an opinion that you may take the class and handle firearms, without violating the law. 

Call a friend and take the class together!

You’ll learn the facts, and may even find yourself enjoying a new hobby! Whether you want to be a better shot, or just be able to handle a gun safely, join us! 

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